Why should you visit Huacachina?

Huacachina is a beautiful oasis located in the department of Ica, 302 km south of Lima. This heavenly place has a lagoon surrounded by palm trees, beautiful exotic birds and giant dunes that almost every year are part of the most dangerous race in the world, The Dakar. Huacachina is also the place where the Buggy tour Huacachina takes places. Buggy tour Huacachina is an awesome tour where you can have fun, take awesome pictures and do sandboarding. The climate in Huacachina is generally warm throughout the year and that is the main reason that this place is frequently visited by local and international tourists. In addition to its natural attributes, Huacachina is a perfect place to do outdoor activities and visit the vineyards that surround the city. Huacachina is also the best starting point if you want to know the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands.

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